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Working papers

Dissertation studies

Raj, M. Friends in High Places: Demand Spillovers and Competition on Platform Markets. Link.

  • Winner Best Paper Award, WINDS 2021.

  • Winner Best Conference PhD Paper Prize, Strategic Management Society, Annual Conference 2020.

  • Best Proposal Award for Creativity in Research Finalist, Strategic Management Society, Annual Conference 2020.


Raj, M., A. Sundararajan, & C. You. COVID-19 and Digital Resilience: Evidence from Uber Eats. Link.

  • Reject & Resubmit at Management Science.

  • Runner-up Best Paper Award, Workshop on Information Systems and Economics 2020.

Raj, M. When Delivery Comes to Town: Consumer-to-Firm Platform Penetration and Establishment Exit. Link.

Other research

Hegde, D., A. Ljungqvist, & M. Raj. Race, Glass Ceilings, and Lower Pay for Equal Work. Link.

  • Under Review at the Quarterly Journal of Economics.

Eklund, J., J. Eggers, & M. Raj. Looking Out of the Window & Into the Mirror: The Role of Managerial Attention in Shaping Responses to Industry Change.

  • Revise & Resubmit at Organization Science.

Note: Working papers not online are available via request.

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Choe, D. & M. Raj. Internet Availability and Entrepreneurship (Working title).